Navid Wesal Iranian (NWI) is a company build of managers with different experiences and backgrounds in telecom field. NWI has been established in 2009 in order to provide total solution for fixed and mobile projects all over the country and offers flexible projects services on both turnkey and project basis. Our mission is to introduce and deliver high quality project services and professional consultancy for Telecom operators and vendors. We aim to provide fulfilling services that will increase our clients business positional and serve them well into the future.

Learning Organization
     Continuous development for being updated with the latest technologies, knowledge, equipment are made us to have Skilled, qualified work force to give our customers the results that they deserve.
     Striving to achieve the highest level of quality in our core business by satisfying  our customers through our dedication to performance, value, innovation and  expertise.
     As a telecommunication and IT service provider, we are committed to proactively meeting customer expectation with the focus on customer satisfaction.
Our Road  
As Technology develops, so our networking potential expands and through comprehensive development strategies and a sound business plan, NWI can offer customer Satisfaction services to an ever-increasing customer case.
 Take all the responsibilities to deliver the best service to satisfy our customers.
Serving You
 In addition to offering a range of various and developed Telecommunication services, we make available a number of specialists in this field so we ensure our clients to enjoy comprehensive packaged services and the opportunity to utilize skilled consultancy on projects of their own.