Modem Installation

To provide their services to their real and legal customers in the cities and areas covered by them, mobile and mobile internet operators outsource in-person service to customers who are present at the time of announcing installation or troubleshooting cases and provide the service to the subscriber. Are active. Navid Wesal Iranian Company is active in this field by having and continuously training its employees.


Due to the high price of telecommunication equipment, like other electronic components, it is necessary for these equipments to be first troubleshooted in the laboratory and then repaired in case of failure and hardware problems. For this purpose, it is necessary to simulate the structure of the telecommunication site in the repair shop related to telecommunication parts so that the parts can be loaded both in the laboratory for troubleshooting and for testing.

Navid Wesal Iranian Company provides this service to its customers by equipping its laboratory with parts repair services for various brands in Iran’s mobile networks.