Today, with the expansion of communications, mobile telecommunication networks are constantly being upgraded for high efficiency and better quality and speed service. On the other hand, mobile operators are competing to provide cheaper and better services for up-to-date and advanced equipment that is lower and more economical in terms of maintenance and consumption costs. Also, operators need to cover the geographical area covered by their network to all points. Expand the country and even impassable areas. Therefore, installation projects of new sites or modernization projects are always in progress and Navid Wesal Iranian Company has been active in this field for many years with its experienced and ready staff and familiar with modern methods, and has participated in many projects for different operators.

Drive Test

Mobile networks are constantly evolving and updated, as well as non-telecommunication factors such as wind and rain and possible theft of equipment affect the coverage area and its quality, so it is necessary to be constantly monitored by field teams. To have the best quality and the best coverage. For this purpose, projects are defined as drive tests, in which the field part is done through mobile devices and designated software, and the collected reports are processed and analyzed, and by modifying the software and hardware, they optimize the network.


After installation, telecommunication sites need continuous and periodic maintenance, which are divided into two main parts. , Six months and one year is done based on the planned equipment and the priority of the sites. The second part is the troubleshooting teams that are sent to the site in case of failure and after finding the relevant problem to take action to fix it, for which the time limit of four hours, eight hours and twenty-four hours based on the importance of the site and the impact of failure on The network is considered.