Telecom Projects in Iran

NWI is currently working on several projects in Iran.

EHS has high importance level in NWI company and health and safety of NWI’s employees is on top of list for all kind of activities. NWI’s allocated budget for health & safety every year and this budget is considered for training, standard tools and equipment (PPE), quality control and standardization.

All kind of instructions used in NWI such as work at height, work with power/electricity, driving rules and regulation is approved and verified by Work Ministry and respective governmental organization and is according to the  labor law of Islamic Republic of Iran. All NWI’s employee should pass health test and other necessary medical test approved by health ministry before start their work in NWI. All kind of risk and accident cases are reviewed and monitored by NWI’s HSE department’s staff and different description and instructions are prepared to avoid and minimize the risks and accidents.    

Main Ongoing Projects

Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance

Drive Test

Core/TX Equipment Installation

Modem Installation